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We are philomaths who ardently believe that developing an appreciation for the vastly underrated subject of Math can enrich you not just mentally, but also financially.

Too many people find Math very confusing – let alone enjoy or use it productively. We think that this is very unfortunate as Math is not only an Art form in its own right (such as Literature) – and can be appreciated as such – but also tremendously useful in everyone’s life (and not just in academia and sciences, contrary to popular belief). An additional side-benefit of developing some love for Math is that it will unlock the technical skills that are crucial for a successful career in this day and age.

The biggest players in the modern financial industry employ scores of people with advanced Mathematical skills who can build and leverage complex models to make them astronomical profits. Clearly, Math can be used to make some serious money! However when it comes to Personal Finance, such complex Math is unnecessary – using basic Math smartly is more than enough to take charge of your financial destiny.

This website features reflections on topics in Personal Finance through the lens of Math, as well as on how to apply these concepts in practice using the undervalued tool of Budgeting. Through our writings, we aim to demystify some popular concepts in Personal Finance by approaching them from a Mathematical point of view, without using any complicated Math. In addition, we also aim to show how you can use Budgeting as a powerful flashlight to shine a bright light onto not only your financial situation, but also your personal preferences.

We will consider ourselves successful in achieving our goals if you, dear reader, come to start appreciating Math, while learning how to practically apply it to your Personal Finances to gain otherwise inaccessible – but, very valuable – insights into your financial situation, and clearly identify how to achieve your financial goals by harnessing the underestimated tool of Budgeting.

Please note that since we are not financial or legal professionals, none of our writings should be taken as financial or legal advice.


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We publish one essay every Friday on a topic primarily focusing on one of the three themes of this site: Math, Finance, or Budgeting. On the last Friday of the month1, we’ll post the comments on our posts that we’ve received from our readers as well as our responses to any of their questions.

  1. or the last 2 Fridays, if there happen to be 2 of them in a given month ↩︎


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